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Orlando Cup's Home: The Stellar Austin Tindall Complex

Imagine playing at a venue where World Cup and Olympic teams have practiced; a place with an all-encompassing set of amenities that can take your game to the next level. The Austin Tindall Sports Complex is exactly that place. Located in Kissimmee, Florida, it has become a choice destination for teams seeking the best soccer experience.

The Austin Tindall Sports Complex has a variety of amenities that are intended to serve both players and spectators. The West Clubhouse and the East Clubhouse are two multifunctional clubhouses that are part of the property. The West Clubhouse is a 5,600 square foot area including a conference room, locker rooms with accommodation for up to 50 men and women each, official-only locker rooms, public restrooms, and facilities for storing equipment. Despite being smaller, the East Clubhouse still offers necessities like a conference room, a charging station, and two refreshment stands.

There are nine FIFA-compliant soccer fields with lights and scoreboards, each measuring 75 x 120 yards, are located in the park. Three practice fields are also available, giving teams adaptable areas to warm up and plan before matches. There are 1,500 seats available in the bleachers for spectators, ensuring that no action is missed. All visitors will be in a secure atmosphere thanks to the facility's six-foot security fence and 24-hour security.

For special events and championship games, the complex features a dedicated Stadium field. This field also meets FIFA regulations and can seat about 1,500 spectators, with the ability to expand to 4,000 for major events. It includes a LED video scoreboard and a press box for public address, music, and scoreboard operations, thereby creating an immersive game day experience for both teams and fans. Good new is that Orlando Cup 2024 edition will use the stadium for the first time for teams U13&above!

The prestige of the Austin Tindall Sports Complex is reflected in the caliber of teams that have used its facilities. This complex has been the practice facility for none other than the 1994 Moroccan World Cup Team and the 1996 Japanese Olympic Team. It also hosted the 112th Kodak National Target Championships held by the National Archery Association of the United States in August 1996​.

For teams seeking a venue that offers not just the space to play, but the space to grow, learn, and strive for greatness, there's no better choice. This is why the Orlando Cup chooses to host its matches here, inviting teams from all around the world to compete and share in the exceptional experience this complex offers.

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